Freelance Graphic Design Based on a Unique Concept — Thinking.

Hula Girls needed a way to stay in shape in the off-season. Mothers needed a way to occupy kids on rainy days. With some creative thinking, an enterprising plastic manufacturer came up with this ingenious design. Problem solved.

The iPhone. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Hula Hoop. All began with inspiration. All succeeded through insightful thinking, unfolding into designs that solved problems. It’s the same in graphic design; it only succeeds with a big idea positioning your product or service uniquely to solve a marketing problem. That’s why you should get to know me, John Devanski – the Guy With Glasses.

Solutions-Oriented Graphic Design

Too many designers think their role is to graft together pleasing visuals into an “attractive design.” But I believe effective design begins with learning about your business, your market segment or industry, your competition,
Effective design begins with me learning about your business; tough work that leads to Big Ideas.
and other essential data. I ask questions and present you with solutions. I never forget graphic design is a communications tool essential to the success of your business or organization.

Reebok, Lotus, and IBM are some of the clients that counted on me when it was all on the line.  For over 20 years, I’ve handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. Check out my portfolio, it speaks for itself.

Think. Solve. Design. I’m Your Go To Guy.

Learn more about me, browse my portfolio, and take a look at the clients who've trusted Guy With Glasses. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Contact Guy With Glasses.

Who is the Guy With Glasses?

Guy With Glasses John DevanskiA child prodigy? An art student who repeatedly had his knuckles wrapped? A designer who drives clients crazy with his love of detail? A man who says his day isn’t complete until the chickens are fed?

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