Brochures and Annual Reports Graphic Design: Getting Noticed in The Crowd

My work is highly readable and expresses messaging in strong visual “language.” I subject my brochure and annual report work to the “table test,” ensuring your design is the most interesting on a table covered with other work. I try to find out what your competitors work looks like so I can take your piece to a higher level and make it jump off that table! When budgets are important (When aren’t they?) – I save you headaches with a 20-year career’s worth of print experience. It’s about anticipating problems before they ever happen. I also know that good strong ideas are not dependent on spending huge dollars or fancy printing processes.

Graduate Viewbook – Springfield College

Springfield College Graduate Viewbook Design

The marketing point of difference for this graduate viewbook is track record — Springfield College has been making a difference in the human helping professions since 1885.

Somat "Do The Right Thing" Brochure

Somat collateral brochure design

When selling waste reduction equipment, would a photo of the equipment be the best sales pitch? No matter how nice it looks, what makes equipment beautiful to buyers are the benefits. What it does, how well it does it, how much money it saves.

Continuing Education Viewbook and Collateral Marketing Materials Design – Westfield State University

University Continuing Education brochure design

Westfield State needed an overhaul of their graduate and continuing education marketing materials. Their previous materials suffered from poor branding and didn't make an emotional or intellectual pitch to the audience.

School of Human Services Viewbook Design – Springfield College

Springfield College School of Human Services Viewbook

When designing a project like this, I envision a prospective student laying viewbooks from multiple schools on a table in front of them. My goal is for m​y design to be the first one they pick up to read.

Quabbin Harsh Environment Brochure Design

Marketing position of brochure design

What's a compelling way to say your cables survive harsh environments? How about cable that "Goes Where Other Cables Fear to Go"? Utilizing distressed type, a concrete background, and photos of the end uses; this design graphically places the product in a harsh environment. 

GoGreenPack Capabilities Brochure

GoGreenPack capabilities brochure design

GoGreenPack was a startup company that needed a capabilities brochure... fast. The brochure needed to a) show that their product is food service disposables, b) make a strong "green" impression, and c) look attractive and interesting so it would get read.

Quabbin Commercial Patch Cable Brochure Design

Brochure graphic design for patch cable marketing

How can you conceptualize "High Quality Patch Cable" in an attention-getting way? How about if a network engineer can "rest easy" knowing that Quabbin patch cable was used?

Eastern States Exposition Annual Report Design

Big E Annual Report Design

I spent much time at the Big E while growing up. In addition to the annual Expo, my parents brought me to every camping and home show. I was honored to return in a professional capacity — to design their annual report. 

Annual Report of the President – with Diecut Cover – Springfield College

Springfield College annual report of the president design

When the Office of the President is involved, you need to work with a designer you can trust. This proje​ct was done as a special version of the College's annual report of giving. In it the college president details The Plan for Springfield College and the plan's goals, action items, and next steps.

Springfield College Annual Report of Giving Design

Springfield College Annual Report of Giving

An experienced d​esigner knows the importance of an institution's report of giving. Donors are of critical importance and the annual report is where public credit is given. Accuracy is tantamount, of course, and you really want to work with a designer who understands this.

Marketing Focused Design

Great design is only as good as the work done before the visualization of ideas comes to life. Guy With Glasses drills down on things other designers don’t even want to know about: your business, your market segment or industry, your competition, market conditions, sales reports and other data. It means asking you questions, studying, thinking and presenting you with solutions. Graphic design is a communications tool; focusing on marketing is what makes it sharper.

I have worked with John for years on sizeable projects such as recruitment viewbooks and the College's alumni magazine. In each instance John's concepts are right on target for the type of student we are recruiting.

In addition, John's files are print-ready every time. I know once a project gets to prepress we are rolling towards our delivery date without issue. I appreciate his keen eye for color and willingness to evaluate printer's proofs and attend press checks when asked. Despite our delays and author's alterations, John never ceases to say "yes" and will do what it takes to keep the project moving. He's a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Gonya
Print Production Manager
Office of Marketing & Communications
Springfield College
Springfield, Massachusetts

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

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