Whitsons School Nutrition Web Site System

The client was in a bind, they needed to have school lunch websites built for 85 school districts — and the first 10 had to be ready for the start of school in 5 weeks. Because 85 separate websites would be a nightmare to build and maintain, we developed one Joomla content management system that acts like 85 separate websites. Each school district "website" displays a mix of district, region, and corporate-level content — all editable by the appropriate managers at each level. This project involved extensive PHP coding to achieved the desired functionality.

We exceeded our deliverables for the start of school: finishing 12 districts instead of 10; and also completing the news, blog, and newsletter components — originally to be added at a later date. The remaining 73 districts were completed four weeks later.

Developed with Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA

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