Quabbin Wire and Cable Web Landing Page Series

The marketing-focused designer looks for opportunities to leverage a client's marketing materials. I suggested these landing pages to accompany a series of trade publication print ads that I designed for Quabbin Wire and Cable. The print ads have prominently featured landing page URLs (along with QR codes for the smartphone users). The purpose of the landing pages is three-fold:

  1. Print ads have limited space (the elevator sales pitch) — a landing page has more space to expand on product features/benefits and present test data (the conference room sales pitch).
  2. Direct visitor to pertinent parts of Quabbin Wire's main web site
  3. Serve as keyword-rich standalone web page to draw search engine traffic to the product — something a print ad can't do

The landing pages' look-and-feel and main graphics derive from their respective print ads.

6a ethernet communication cable landing page design
5e industrial ethernet landing page design

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