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What does a well-worn pair of boots have to do with freelance copywriting? For a "well traveled" copywriter who's "ready to guide you," the boots make an arresting visual and reinforce the message that Chris Gregor is an experienced writer. Using an unexpected visual like this is a great way to pique the viewer's interest and make your point in an attention-getting way.

The design goals of this site are: A) to introduce Chris to prospects directed to the site through his other marketing efforts, and B) to be optimized to draw organic search engine traffic for his services.

The major messaging point is experience and secondary points are strategic focus and versatility. The "experienced" claim is substantiated by:

  • messaging in the copy
  • large portfolio of work in a multitude of categories and industries
  • long list of clients
  • a "copy how-to" site section (experienced professionals can give useful advice)
  • "30 Years of Stories" site section (lots of interesting stories in a long career)

I developed the site in the Drupal content management system.

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How to section reinforces experience message
Stories section of website

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