Web Design & Development: Trust & Experience Are Key

Web sites are expensive and a huge part of marketing budgets. Having a trusted, experienced designer to create the look and feel of the site and an experienced developer to build the site is essential. At Guy With Glasses you get both in one guy — designer/developer John Devanski. This means custom web sites, not web templates and off the shelf solutions. My design creativity makes clients applaud. My technical development savvy, organizational skills and attention to detail keeps them sleeping soundly (no worries about broken sites and blown-up budgets).

Decas Cranberry Website Development

Decas web site design and build in Drupal

The cranberry seems simple — but it's full of complex health benefits that science is still discovering. A cranberry producer's corporate website is also complex ... a place where an experienced web developer is needed.

Somat Company Website Design

Web design for Somat corporate website

A corporate website for a waste reduction equipment manufacturer is no place to trust an inexperienced designer. How do you visualize "waste reduction" in a way that sells a product's benefits?

Gregor & Co. Website Design

Gregor website design and Drupal development

What does a well-worn pair of boots have to do with freelance copywriting? For a "well traveled" copywriter who's "ready to guide you," the boots make an attention-getting visual that reinforces the message that Chris Gregor is an experienced writer.

Capralogics Web Site Design

Capralogics corporate web site graphic design

First impressions matter in business, and a company's web site is the first contact they'll have with many customers. Capralogics had a problem — an outdated web site that made a second-rate impression.

Clarion Group Web Site Development

Clarion Group website design

Clarion Group is a consulting group for dining and hospitality services with clients such as: the Federal Reserve Board, IMF, USDA, Dow Corning, Brandeis University, Panasonic, and Prudential. We developed this web site to highlight their professionalism, expertise, and reputation for results.

HTML Email Design and Coding for Western New England University

education institution wne html email design

Proper HTML email coding involves a bit of time travel. Most email clients have rudimentary HTML display capabilities ... one has to code for them like coding for the web back in the 1990s. I have great experience with this as I was ​coding websites back then ... by hand.

NuLife Foods Web Design

NuLife gluten-free foods web design

Foodservice providers can find it difficult to serve the needs of gluten-free customers — cross-contamination is difficult to avoid in a kitchen that produces gluten-free and standard fare side-by-side. NuLife Foods provides the solution with certified, tested, and delicious prepackaged gluten-free meals.

Whitsons School Nutrition Web Site System

school lunch website system development

The client was in a bind, they needed to have school lunch websites built for 85 school districts — and the first 10 had to be ready for the start of school in 5 weeks.

Quabbin Wire and Cable Web Landing Page Series

Wire and cable industrial manufacturer landing page

The marketing-focused desi​gner looks for opportunities to leverage a client's marketing materials. I suggested these landing pages to accompany a series of print ads.

Equipment Marketing Company Web Site Design

Web design for foodservice equipment marketing company

This web site was designed and built for a startup partnership that specializes in foodservice equipment marketing. The background image is inspired by the stainless steel that foodservice equipment is constructed from.

GoGreenPack Web Landing Page Design

GoGreenPack landing page design

A startup company offering environmentally sound packaging solutions, GoGreenPack needed to establish a web presence in a budget-friendly way. The solution was a keyword rich landing page that outlined their capabilities and contact information.

Phil Milgrom Website Design

Phil Milgrom website design

It's been said that good design makes a product understandable. As a motivational speaker, Phil Milgrom's "product" is a service, but the goal is the same.

A Guy You Can Trust.

Guy With GlassesYou don’t want to hand mission-critical assignments to just anyone, no matter what their size or scope. When failure is not an option, Guy With Glasses has the creativity, detail-orientation, technical skill, and big job experience to make you and your organization look good. Trust in me. I have a list of clients who already do.

John Devanski is a complete and fully-diversified web designer. He has a rare blend of both technological and creative skills. He quickly and accurately assessed my needs and sensibilities, and proceeded to develop a website that astounded me. I could not have asked for more. The site is very pleasing to view, easy to navigate, and completely effective for the intended purpose. It precisely represents who I am and what I offer. I am proud to send clients to the site, and I often receive comments praising its quality and professionalism.

Phil Milgrom

Big Or Small, My Graphic Design Clients Get A Total Commitment

I’ve got some big names in my portfolio like Reebok and Fidelity. And there are also some names you may not be familiar with, but all the clients whose work is featured here trusted in me and had their trust rewarded. I have successfully handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. I’ve used my experience in print design and web design to save clients’ budgets by anticipating problems before they happened. But whether the projects are big or small I bring the same dedication and commitment to your design project.

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