Reebok Human Rights Posters in 26 Languages

Some design jobs have a complex production process — which makes it smart to work with a freelance designer who's proactive, organized, and detail-oriented.

Reebok trusted me to produce this series of posters in 26 languages — many of them using non-western alphabets. The posters measure 23" x 35" and go in overseas manufacturing facilities to educate workers as to their rights and give contact information for the workers to report abuse. The production process included working with a translation company, carefully making edits in other languages, and producing text in non-western character sets.

I'm a graphic designer who likes to save my clients money; so the "template" (just graphics, no text) was printed two-color in bulk, and the text for each language was printed separately as a black overprint. 

These posters were developed as part of the Reebok Human Rights Production Standards Guide project.

English human rights poster design
Chinese human rights poster design
Hindi human rights poster design

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