Posters / Trade Show Display Design: Keep It Simple. Make It Fast.

Simple. Fast. Powerful. It’s the key to effective posters and trade show display design. Communicating at a distance and standing out in crowded, fast-paced environments are challenges that Guy With Glasses meets with potent creative visual solutions based on well-researched marketing insights. And I never settle for “the expected.” This is no place for designers who think “pretty pictures” are the answer. I dive deep to understand your business, market segment, customers, competition and other important data. This is essential to giving your poster and trade show messages the simplicity and power they need to communicate quickly and speak to your audience in language they understand.

Quabbin Harsh Environment Trade Booth Design

creative trade booth design

What's a compelling way to say your cables survive harsh environments? How about cable that "Goes Where Other Cables Fear to Go"? Utilizing distressed type, a concrete background, and end-use photos; this design literally places the product in a harsh environment.

Westfield State Continuing Education Multi-height Banner Display


Good trade show dis​play design includes working with innovative display products. This clever display extends to different heights to allow use as a floor stand, a tall table top, and a short table top.

Reebok Human Rights Posters in 26 Languages

multiple language poster design for Reebok

Some design jobs have a complex production process — which makes it smart to work with a freelance designer who's proactive, organized, and detail-oriented.

Springfield College MBA Program Display Graphics

display graphics

These display graphics are for the new MBA program at Springfield College. They have the same look and feel of other graduate materials, including the viewbook, that I designed for the College.

Quabbin Wire & Cable Trade Show Display Design


These trade show displays are designed with the primary purpose of introducing the Quabbin Wire & Cable booth, and the secondary purpose of highlighting two product categories: commercial data cable and harsh environment cable.

Springfield College 125th Anniversary History Poster

history poster design

This foldout poster was designed as part of Springfield College's 125 anniversary celebration. Using the theme of "125 Years of Great Ideas and Great Leaders," it contains a timeline of text and images.

Springfield College School of Social Work Display Graphics

trade show display design

These display graphics serve to introduce the School of Social Work, list the degree programs, and show the diversity of the student body. The banner stand design is 90" tall and the table top design measures 11" x 14".

Springfield College PrideNET Poster Design

Springfield College PrideNET Poster Design

This poster was designed as part of the planning process for the Springfield College intranet — to introduce the project and solicit student input.

Experience The Experience

My over 20 years as a graphic designer have taught me a lot of lessons that will serve you well. My experience comprises print and web design for clients ranging from large organizations and corporations to small and mid-sized firms. I’ve worked with consumer goods, manufacturing, hi-tech, and business-to-business, non-profits, colleges, hospitals, and advertising / marketing firms. Experience has also taught me how to anticipate problems and keep to budgets to save you money.

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

Big Or Small, My Graphic Design Clients Get A Total Commitment

I’ve got some big names in my portfolio like Reebok and Fidelity. And there are also some names you may not be familiar with, but all the clients whose work is featured here trusted in me and had their trust rewarded. I have successfully handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. I’ve used my experience in print design and web design to save clients’ budgets by anticipating problems before they happened. But whether the projects are big or small I bring the same dedication and commitment to your design project.

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