Reebok Human Rights Production Standards Guide

Considering end use is an important part of good design. This human rights production standards field guide is used by traveling inspectors of overseas manufacturing facilities. This end use has special needs:

  1. Easily and inexpensive updates as guidelines change over time
    • three-ring binder allows easy insertion of revised and updated pages
    • page numbering allows for added pages (31.2, 31.3, etc.)
    • each page is labeled with version number and publication date
    • pages are two color for low cost printing
  2. Durability
    • binder cover is thick translucent material

The images on the first page show through the translucent cover material. The interior design features organized and highly readable content. Icon graphics were created for each section of the book (non-discrimination, freedom of association, working hours, etc.)

Also see the posters in 26 languages designed as part of this project.

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