Goodwives Hors D'oeuvres Retail Packaging

It's a great thing to use graphic design experience to solve a huge problem for a client. Goodwives Hors D'oeuvres has 26+ product offerings. Many are produced to order on short deadline. They produce large volumes of some products and small volumes of others. Printing 26+ packages and keeping proper inventories to meet unpredictable demand would be costly. Introducing new products would involve paying for, and waiting for, new packages.

The solution was to design "blank" boxes and use applied labels. Two sizes of boxes could be printed in bulk and used for all products. The blank front label templates are printed two-color in bulk and Goodwives prints the black text in-house on a special printer. The back labels with nutrition facts, ingredients, and UPC code are also printed in-house.

This package design has been a hit with store buyers and consumers — and the Goodwives accountants.

Developed with Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA
Food package box design for quiche and fillo rolls
Box packaging with label design

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