Illustration: Imagination Not Stock Answers

My experience and talents as a photo illustrator expand my conceptual abilities. This is a case where doing things “the way they used to,” (when designers conceptualized rather than pointed and clicked), definitely has its advantages. Guy With Glasses designs are not constrained by what is available on the stock photo sites. I create custom images with imaginative visual concepts that know no bounds. My goal is to come up with fresh visual ideas that solve your marketing problem and communicate the message in a unique way. An example is the photo illustration I created for the Somat brochure seen in this section.

Illustration for Springfield College School of Human Services

human services viewbook illustration

Human services are about people and stories, and so is this illustration for a School of Human Services viewbook. This cover illustration was born from the use of graduates' stories throughout the viewbook. 

Basketball Sequence Illustration for Springfield College

Springfield College needed a great basketball visual to use in a viewbook. One of the things I try to do as a designer and illustrator is to show something in a way it's not normally seen — to create interest by showing the unexpected.

Paradise Meadow Juice Label Illustrations

Juice label packaging illustrations

When you don't have time for photography and need to visualize "Cranberry Superfruit", where do you find an appropriate stock photo or illustration? You won't be able to — that's why it pays to work with a freelance designer who can illustrate.

Cranberries Illustration for Paradise Meadow Logo

cranberries illustration

The client had a problem — they were reviving a brand but the only surviving version of the logo illustration was of poor quality. It was scanned from printed packaging — which meant it was made of CMYK dots rather than continuous tone artwork.

Goodwives Packaging Illustration

This packaging illustration for an hors d'oeuvres company is designed to have a party feel — like the events where the products are served. The café theme, fun city illustration, colors, and use of the table as window all combine to create a unique look that stands out from competitors in the appetizer freezer section.

Somat Waste Reduction Illustration

A creative graphic designer can visualize the benefits of waste reduction equipment in a visually arresting way. A creative designer who is also an illustrator (ahem), can properly execute that idea. When you work with a designer like that, you're sure to get the best concepts for your message...

"Why We Give" Illustration for Springfield College

When there isn't a main image available to use for a magazine article, a designer who illustrates can make his own. The subject of the article is the psychology of giving.

Veggie Drag Races T-shirt Design

SFM veggie drag race tee shirt illustration

This t-shirt was designed for a Las Vegas "Veggie Drag Races" charity event put on by the Society for Foodservice Management. Participants add wheels to carved vegetables and race them on a downhill track.

Success Story Illustrations for Lotus Development Corp.

These illustrations are part of a series developed for "success story" brochures for Lotus products. They were done as a combination of photography and Photoshop work. Show here are 3M and Bank of Montreal.

Smarter Design

“Think. Solve. Design.” That’s the Guy With Glasses positioning line/mantra/daily prayer. These are words I live by to produce great design. And that means more than “pretty pictures” attractively laid out. It means thinking design, based on a “Big Idea” that solves a problem, builds your brand and gets your important messages in the eyes, ears, and face of your prospect. This approach demands hard work, attention to detail and a strong designer/client relationship.

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

Big Or Small, My Graphic Design Clients Get A Total Commitment

I’ve got some big names in my portfolio like Reebok and Fidelity. And there are also some names you may not be familiar with, but all the clients whose work is featured here trusted in me and had their trust rewarded. I have successfully handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. I’ve used my experience in print design and web design to save clients’ budgets by anticipating problems before they happened. But whether the projects are big or small I bring the same dedication and commitment to your design project.

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