Logos / Identity / Branding Graphic Design: Making it Work in Print & Electronic Media

Creating a great logo is foundational to branding. It must be unique, memorable, define your brand personality, and (this is important) easily reproduce in all media. This is where Guy With Glasses’ long experience in both print and electronic media comes into play – I know what will work and not work with your logo design reproduction and can anticipate possible problems early in the process. The Guy With Glasses “Think. Solve. Design.” formula is vital to an effective logo. My structured creative design approach informs the creative process resulting in work that truly positions your product or service precisely and uniquely in the marketplace.

Equipment Marketing Company Logo Design

CG Strategies logo design

This identity design is for a startup partnership that specializes in foodservice equipment marketing. The design uses the letters "C" and "G" abstracted as an arrow hitting a target.

Also see the CG Strategies web site design.

GoGreenPack Identity Design

GoGreenPack startup company logo and identity design

GoGreenPack was a startup company that needed promotional materials — starting with a logo — fast. Their products are sustainable food service disposables. The design goal for the logo was to illustrate this — and, like any great logo design, be eye catching and memorable.

Reebok Fitness Pros Logo Design

Fitness Pros is a Reebok affiliation program for fitness professionals. The design problem was to create a Fitness Pros logo that included — but didn't interfere with — the Reebok logo. The solution was to use the Reebok logo as the central element and "Fitness Pros" as a container.

Bon Cuisine Logo Design

Bon Cuisine Logo design

A great logo design is memorable and captures the essence of the brand. This logo identity is for Bon Cuisine — an upscale line of frozen appetizers. The box rule frames the clean-looking type treatment which gives a refined feeling.

Ad Club of Western Massachusetts Logo Design

ad club logo design

This design is the result of an open competition to design a new logo for the Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts. The design solution treats the club name and contact information as an advertisement.

Gregor & Company Logo Design

gregor logo design

A logo design should show the personality of the company — or in the case of a freelance writer — the writer himself. Chris Gregor is a thoughtful and low key guy and I wanted to capture that in his logo. 

Holocaust Education and Resource Center Logo

Holocaust Center freelance logo design

This logo was designed for a newly-formed organization for use in fundraising materials. The distressed typeface and imagery within the type attempt to convey a sense of the word.

PrideNET Logo Design — Springfield College

PrideNET logo design for Springfield College

This logo was designed for the Springfield College PrideNET intranet. The design has symbolic meaning for the Springfield College audience: the triangle is the symbol of the College, basketball was invented there, and the College sports teams are "The Pride."

Marketing Focused Design

Great design is only as good as the work done before the visualization of ideas comes to life. Guy With Glasses drills down on things other designers don’t even want to know about: your business, your market segment or industry, your competition, market conditions, sales reports and other data. It means asking you questions, studying, thinking and presenting you with solutions. Graphic design is a communications tool; focusing on marketing is what makes it sharper.

A Graphic Designer Who Dives Into Your Business

Thinking and solving begins with getting involved in your business by researching and asking questions. Getting to know your customers and your market is the basis of effective communication. That’s what you’ll see in all the work in my portfolio – it’s more than just some attractive visuals grabbed from a stock photo site. The work is well thought out, there is a Big Idea and a solution to a marketing challenge.

Big Or Small, My Graphic Design Clients Get A Total Commitment

I’ve got some big names in my portfolio like Reebok and Fidelity. And there are also some names you may not be familiar with, but all the clients whose work is featured here trusted in me and had their trust rewarded. I have successfully handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. I’ve used my experience in print design and web design to save clients’ budgets by anticipating problems before they happened. But whether the projects are big or small I bring the same dedication and commitment to your design project.

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