Springfield College Annual Report of Giving Design

An experienced designer knows the importance of an educational institution's annual report of giving. Donors are of critical importance and the report of giving is where public credit is given for their financial support. Accuracy is tantamount, of course, and you really want to work with a designer who understands this. I've caught many typos over my career, including in donor name lists, and continue to look for them in each project I work on.

The cover design of this annual report includes images of recent facilities improvements. The human element is introduced through the image of students — who are, after all, what the facilities improvements are all about. The type and logo treatment on the cover and inside was chosen to convey stability and trust — this is an institution that will make good use of your financial support.

Cover design features images of recent facilities improvements and image of students — who the facilities improvements are all about.
First spread of annual report includes introduction, table of contents, and images of students and facilities. Type treatment was chosen to convey solidity and trust — Springfield College will make good use of your financial support.
Giving societies and start of donor listing
Sample donor listing spread
End of donor listing and gift options
End of report of giving

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