Somat "Do The Right Thing" Brochure

When selling waste reduction equipment, would a photo of the equipment be the best sales pitch? No matter how nice it looks, what makes equipment beautiful to buyers are the benefits. What it does, how well it does it, how much money it saves.

A creative graphic designer can visualize the benefits of waste reduction equipment in a visually arresting way. A creative designer who is also an illustrator (ahem), can properly execute any idea. When you work with a designer like that, you're sure to get the best concepts for your message... not concepts based on whatever stock photos could be found.

Somat's waste reduction equipment can give an 8:1 reduction in waste volume. When you can fit eight times more waste in a dumpster before it has to be picked up ... there are serious waste hauling cost savings.

Developed with Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA

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