Continuing Education Viewbook and Collateral Marketing Materials Design – Westfield State University

Westfield State needed a design overhaul of their graduate and continuing education marketing materials. Their previous materials suffered from poor branding and didn't make any kind of emotional or intellectual pitch to the audience.

The design solution started with the development of a tagline and a positioning line. The tagline, "For The Thinking Person," appears as part of the title of each piece, such as: Graduate Programs For The Thinking Person, Master of Education For The Thinking Person, etc. The cover visuals for each piece feature representative "persons thinking" questions such as "Is it time for a new direction?", "How can I advance in my career?", and "Can I afford to go back to school?"  The positioning line, "Quality. Flexible. Affordable. SMART.", states the benefits of Westfield State and implies that Westfield is the logical choice.

Shown below are graphic design samples of the continuing education viewbook, undergraduate degree programs brochure, and brochures for various Master's degree programs.

Also see the multi-height display banner I designed.

Viewbook cover design — can I afford to go back to school?
Page 1 — Thinking of returning to school? You're smart to consider Westfield State.
The tagline "Quality. Flexible. Affordable. SMART." is separated and used as page heads. Each page explains and supports each claim.
The tagline "Quality. Flexible. Affordable. SMART." is separated and used as page heads. Each page explains and supports each claim.
Left: history information given as part of claim that Westfield State is an education leader yesterday and today. Right: course listings.
Left: campus map. Right: insert pocket with call to action which includes multiple contact methods.
Back cover area map with driving times supports claim that Westfield State is convenient.
Brochure for undergraduate degree programs – 4 pages, 6 x 9" folded size, with BRC
Inside spread of undergraduate degree programs brochure
Brochure for Master of Arts in English – 8.5" x 11"
Inside layout of insert brochure showing program details. Covers of other insert brochures are shown below.
Master of Education
M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis
Master of Psychology
Master of Public Administration
M.S. in Accountancy
Master of Social Work

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